The Program

Be the Boss is passionate about mentoring students to achieve real success beyond the
walls of their schools. Students learn real-world skills, team building and financial discipline,
and are guided by entrepreneurs through the development of products and services made
ready for the global marketplace.

The Story

Totally unique products come from the 5th grade class at St. Edmunds Academy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. See what these young entrepreneurs are dreaming up and how Be the Boss is helping make their ideas a reality.

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Kids' Companies

Our kids' companies are as varied, creative and clever as the students who created them.
Take a look at the ingenuity and invention of just a few of our Be the Boss graduates. All
listed products are ready-to-buy creations of real students.


Splotch is a reusable waterproof pocket ideal for holding valuables like keys or mobile phones. The durable, non-adhesive yet sticky surface allows it to attach to any surface – your shirt, purse, jeans, backpack, or even a car window. The next time you’re in need of an extra pocket, think Splotch!

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Have you ever dropped and broken your phone? iRetractable was designed to save your mobile phone from destruction. Simply attach it to your phone case on one end, and your belt loop or waistband on the other. With iRetractable, the next time you drop your phone, it will retract back up to your waist.

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If you have a messy bag or backpack, this is for you. The Bag-O’Nizer is a durable divider with pockets and compartments for school supplies, notebooks, pencils, water bottles and more. No assembly required! Simply drop it into your bag and get organized! The Bag-O’Nizer comes in a variety of sizes to fit most bags.

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  • Every day I coach adults through the ins and outs of establishing their own companies. Today’s students have every bit of the same creativity and drive to compete alongside their adult counterparts. Be the Boss gives kids a platform from which to be inspired and succeed.

    - -Denise DeSimone, Founder, Be the Boss -
  • Be the Boss shows the endless possibilities that are out there; this once thought of after school opportunity, has blossomed into something that students may have never imagined.

    - Susan S. Miller, Associate Head of School, St. Edmund's Academy -


Program Sponsors

Be the Boss is a student's expertly guided invitation to the deep end. It's not an exercise performed
in a closed system. It's real life skill building, business formation and product development with
actual entry into the world of commerce. Students become full-fledged entrepreneurs.
No other program is this complete. No other program allows sponsors, schools, teachers and
students to collaborate and succeed in bolstering the economic integrity of the communities in
which they operate and live.




Participating Schools

St. Edmund’s Academy


St. Edmund’s is the first school to participate in Be The Boss.

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